2017 / 2018 and so it begins

And so it begins… the countdown to new year, which means only one thing.
New Year – Procrastination central.

Over the past year we have been able to achieve some major things.
1. We have been able to take the company ltd
2. We have our own Social Media Platform that is FREE!!!!! (social.ldmltd.co.uk)
3. We have been able to build another company along side offering fantastic value website building and domains (ldmltd.uk)
4 Lots and Lots of learning.

After reviewing some of the goals that were set. Im absolutely astounded to be able to have achieved 1st page rankings in our seo campaign for 6 of our key words with 2 of those being in the national marketing strategy that we have. Its not been easy, but when you have a dream and making that reality it isn’t always easy.

We have made friendships and built a limited company founded on helping and doing the right thing. Theres been ups and downs but its all been a learning curve.

Looking into 2018 – 2019 plan it is only right that we look to continue in the same way that we have although look to gain the ISO9001 accreditation. We already know what type of an uphill battle this will be but in order to tie the business goals with the brand image this must be done, and its going to be achieved one way or another. The great pyramids weren’t built in a day right?

In order to continue expanding in this way it must be done naturally.

if you are reading this and want to share in our success and let us help you be able to improve your online presence, contact us today!



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