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So, with SEO if you are looking into this website, its agree’d your going to see the words SEO and digital marketing quite a few times, theres a reason for this so bare with me and work towards it 🙂


In terms of SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimisation in which basically this means that the more popular your website with users, the higher you will rank, eventually getting onto the first page in which 90% of people won’t ever leave this page. They will find what they want just on here.

So just to start with, go onto Google and type in the words, “Digital Marketing in Haworth” click enter, you will see that we are number 1. This is because we know our keywords (take note… KEYWORDS).

I hope you have done that, now you know that I know what I’m talking about 🙂

Ultimately, your website, is your website whether its a blog, a branding business or an commerce website, through SEO and using the appropriate Digital Marketing Tools you will be able to work with Google and get onto that first page.

If you have already got your website up and running then jump to Step 3 if not step 1

Step 1 – Chose how you will build your website.

There are lots of different ways in which you can build your website – Im not going to get into it here, although some of the best ones that here at LDM we use are WordPress, Joomla, prestashop and others…. along with recommending WIX or Shopify for people who just want a simple and easy website that they would like to build themselves. Obviously I would recommend that you use a website designer, some dont cost the earth and its usually just a good idea to maybe have a consultation with one, so before you agree to part pennies, you can get the knowledge and know how you need and even better. FROM A PROFESSIONAL

Wix Developers LDM, Digital Marketing in Haworth

Step 2 – Get the Website Build and Live!

Rather Self Explanatory – if your struggling, by all means contact us for any support Click Here —->

Joomla ldm ltd partner

Step 3 – Register with Google Search Console

This is how you tell google that your website needs to be included in its algorithms, without this google will not index it.

There are other search consoles that you can use, although its the same concept for each one 🙂

wordpress ldm ltd

Step 4 – Set up SEO on your website.

Depending on where your website has come from, if you have paid a professional to complete it, or whether you have given it a go yourself then the outcome can be very similar.

Your professional I would assume has built SEO into your website and may need some KEYWORDS to start the indexing and ranking in google. Although if you have built your website yourself then you will need to do something referred to as a KEYWORD planning session. In Laymans terms… think about the specific terms that people would like you to be able to find your website for.

Try and get at least 4 KEYWORDS ready for your SEO, do not go overboard and have more than 6 sets of keywords, google will not appreciate this neither will any of the other search engines once you get to that point. keep it simple. It will help you manage your posts longer term

EXAMPLE – Earlier on, I asked you to google ‘Digital Marketing in Haworth’ in which LDM are number 1, if you are a plasterer based in Whitby, then you may assume that your potential customers may type into google ‘Plasterers in Whitby’ this is specific and will give you a good chance of quickly working your way up your rankings.

Step 5 – Run a few Campaigns make some posts

Social Media Campaigns and other Adverts can really help drive traffic to your website, although if your not sure about this, we are happy to help you with it.

Target your market, run your campaign, you got this! Digital Marketing is just about doing it frequently, and learn from your mistakes!

There is 1 very simple rule and if you miss this, then your website will never rank. If your keyword is going to be plasterer based in whitby, YOU NEED TO HAVE ‘PLASTERER IN WHITBY’ embedded within the content on your website – other wise it will not rank. IT WILL NOT RANK!!!! You can do a post saying are ‘are you looking for a plasterer in whitby, then Brian is your man…’ as an example. Google will recognise and match up the keyword with the content and you will start your ranking journey

Step 6 – Learn.

Theres a variety of tools that you can use to track your information and SEO usage, although if you really want your digital marketing to be effective you are just going to have to jump in with both feet and get messy. You will learn so much from this and do not think you are ever doing it alone, we have all been in the position that you are currently in and now im sat behind a keyboard enjoying some wine typing a hints and tips of how to SEO…. `I made plenty of mistakes, but I learnt… You got to do, what you got to do!’


Thank you for reading this, feel free to share it, try it out, contact us… here to help 🙂 We are only ever a phone call or contact form away  Click Here —->

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