Saturday 7th April 2018

So, I thought I would write this blog as today has been a very very productive day.


Knowing that living in Haworth its a quiet little village that is permanently raining so I was lucky that today will be the perfect time for me to complete some digital marketing along with completing a website or two.

To begin with, I realise that 3 of my digital marketing channels have not been as effective as normal. So I began with looking at them and creating a strategy. I did this by asking myself the following questions

  1. What have I done right
  2. what works
  3. what doesn’t work
  4. what do I do well
  5. what do I need to achieve today

What have I done right.

With this, I know that I always try to keep my website content up to date and so I started my day with looking at my website stats, they looked like this..

With this bounce rate I knew that something was not working as a decent bounce rate is around 50-60%. My own digital marketing hasn’t been working in the past week. This is not acceptable! This will not only affect my performance but my rankings on google. Too low a bounce rate indicated that im either not driving enough traffic to my website or the only people looking at my website are there for a reason and are reading all of my content. As much as I would love to believe that its the latter… i’m a little bit sceptical.

throughout the day I have been updating my social media and the website to ensure complete synergy and now, I have finished so over the next couple of days I will review this information and check to see exactly what the bounce rate does.

I have been able to run a couple of promotions of facebook and instagram and have been able to achieve 67 likes on both along with 31 followers.

Not bad for 6 hours work on a Saturday.


If anyone has read this and is looking for some support for their digital marketing or their website design and you live in Haworth, keighley, Skipton and bradford. Please feel free to contact me and ill support you in getting your website and social media working more effectively!

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