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The wrong and right way to SEO – HOW TO SEO HINTS AND TIPS

There’s a number of ways that you can SEO your website to rank higher on search engines like bing and google.

all of the ways will either increase or decrease your ranking position, and it all comes down to to a couple of things.

  • Your keywords
  • your website encryption level
  • The amount of traffic to your website
  • back links to your website from other sources
  • the content, layout and readability of your website

as you can read above these 5 things that you need to really understand, once you do, well, you are onto a winner and sure to succeed.

keywords – what keywords do you want to rank for? The more specific you are the easier it will happen although this will allow you to generate traffic to your website and build your rankings on different search engines. For example to search and rank for the word ‘sofas’ is very vague and will be extremely difficult to place your website on the first page within say 6 months, whereas if you had ‘sofas’ as one of your keywords and ‘sofas in Haworth’ as another, this is specific and will allow you to tap into the traffic from your ‘sofas in haworth’ Whilst building your rankings for ‘sofas’

lost yet?


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